Private ceremony in which Helping Spirits and Stone Divination assist to gain insight to the root cause of your physical, emotional and spiritual state, allowing us to know the nature of the medicine that is needed and the tools and techniques that will be used during the healing ceremony.  Time is dedicated to spiritual counseling before and after each ceremony.

The ceremony may include:
extraction techniques, cleansing techniques, cord cutting, Khuya Rumi stone healing, power retrieval, spirit animal retrieval, soul retrieval, drum/rattle/flute doctoring, sound healing

Following the session:
do not schedule any large social activities, quiet time is recommended

$Donation | 90 minute session



Private session offering safe healing energy of unconditional love and compassion to promote deep relaxation, releasing of resistance, and allowing your own natural healing to occur. Life Force Energy flow is restored and balanced creating peace, harmony and well-being. You remain fully clothed throughout the session, relaxing on a massage table and covered with a light sheet and blanket.  While most Reiki practitioners place their hands gently on their client’s body from head to toe, my hands rarely have direct contact with my client’s body and
will usually be several inches away.

$Donation | 60 minute session



Private session in which challenges and concerns can be freely discussed for the purpose of receiving insight, guidance, tools and techniques from a spiritual perspective that will assist you in reconnecting with your True Self and manifesting well-being and abundance.

$Donation | 60 minute session