Everything originates in the unseen world before it manifests physically—and that includes illness, disease, and suffering.  By tending to the spiritual, mental, emotional, and etheric roots of suffering, illness and disease; we can heal fully into wholeness.  Through spiritual insights and guidance, we work to bridge the gap of disconnection between the non-physical realm and physical realms, and help you connect with your Higher Self to overcome the limiting beliefs, barriers, suffering, and challenges you experience on your journey to personal power, self acceptance, freedom, love, abundance and joy.


SHAMANIC HEALING | Schedule an Initial Phone Consultation
A private healing session in which Spirit Allies and intuitive wisdom allow us to gain insight to the root cause of your physical, mental, and emotional state, know the nature of the medicine that is needed, and the tools and techniques that will be used during the healing session.  You remain fully clothed throughout the session, relaxing on a massage table, and covered with a sheet and blanket.

Time is dedicated to spiritual mentoring before and after each session.  Quiet time is recommended after the session.  Please do not schedule any large-scale social activities immediately after your session.

The session may include:

  • Shamanic diagnostic readings (stone divination)
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Soul retrieval
  • Sound doctoring using a drum, rattle or flute
  • Khuya rumi stones
  • Cleansing techniques
  • Extraction techniques
  • Cord cutting
  • Power retrieval
  • Spirit animal retrieval
  • Sound healing
  • Energy healing

$Donation (non-deductible) | 90-180 minute session | By Appointment Only | Schedule an initial phone consultation today!)

NOTE:  All sessions are private in-person or online via Zoom and by appointment only.


SPIRITUAL MENTORING | Schedule an Initial Phone Consultation

As you seek to grow and evolve on your spiritual path, there are many benefits to having a mentor along the way.  When life seems confusing, challenging and overwhelming, having someone there to encourage you from a higher perspective can help you to keep your focus and direction.  Some of the many benefits that come with having a spiritual mentor are:

  • Affirmation and Encouragement – A spiritual mentor believes in you and sees the divine in you, despite your shortcomings.  When you are at a low point, a mentor can remind you of your value and encourage you to keep going.
  • Role Model – A spiritual mentor leads and lives by example.  They devote their life to God, to be of service to others, in the choices they make on a daily basis, and this provides guidance for those they mentor and encourages them to do the same.
  • Accountability – Unfortunately, it can be easy to fall into disconnection and lose sight of your relationship with your Higher Self.  A spiritual mentor can lend support in keeping you accountable and encourage you to live in a way that honors your relationship with your Higher Self.
  • Wisdom – A spiritual mentor can offer wisdom when it comes to some of life’s toughest decisions.  As someone who has walked the path before you, a mentor can guide you and steer you away from missteps they previously made.  They can prepare you for what is to come and offer wisdom from a higher perspective.
  • Listening Ear – We all need someone who listens to us and shows support.  A spiritual mentor understands that sometimes, you just need someone to listen without judgment.  They show understanding because they have most likely experienced similar things, and they are there for you during both good and bad times.
  • Spiritual Growth – A spiritual mentor is someone who cares about you and wants the best for you.  They know that the most important thing in life is for you to have a personal relationship with your Higher Self, so they encourage you to invest in this relationship.  As a result, you grow and evolve spiritually and expand your consciousness.

$Donation (non-deductible) | 60 minute session | By Appointment Only | Schedule an initial phone consultation today!)

NOTE:  All sessions are private in-person or online via Zoom and by appointment only.


SPIRITUAL MEETUPS | View Our Upcoming Meetup Events | Schedule an Initial Phone Consultation

a Shaman’s Love @wakeupwithlynn Meetup group is dedicated to accelerating and supporting the awakening of humanity.

Lynn Tirado is a Spiritual Mentor, Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, and founder of a Shaman’s Love. Through the advancement of her own spiritual, conscious and personal evolution, she shares healing and transformative wisdom teachings, meditations, shamanic journeys, medicine songs, and more to accelerate your own conscious awakening and personal evolution.

Shift the way you perceive yourself, live your life, relate to others, and improve every aspect of your life.

This group provides a safe, supportive, and accepting space where individuals who are passionate about exploring, growing, and evolving spiritually can meet other heart-based individuals to foster deep personal connection, healing, and transformational alchemy.

With open minds and open hearts, together we explore ways of strengthening and expanding our divine qualities of love, wisdom, power, wholeness, service, freedom, harmony, mercy, forgiveness, hope, and joy.

Our Agreements

We agree to treat each other with kindness and respect.  We agree to listen in noble silence with compassion and attention.  We agree to speak with clear intention.  We agree to honor each other’s unique ways to healing and don’t presume to advise or fix or try to save each other.  We agree to trust that each of us has the guidance we need within us and we rely on the power of silence to access it.  We agree to tend to the well-being of all.